Luminarium Jewelry is a collection of handmade accessories created to bring light to your day. The concept was born out of love for life and a journey of self-improvement work, with the intention to inspire confidence, motivation and personal shine.
Every piece of Luminarium Jewelry is carefully created by jewelry designer Alissa Davidovich in Los Angeles, CA. She founded Luminarium Jewelry in 2013 with the goal of producing local, handcrafted, artisan jewelry by women.
Inspired by forms found in nature, and influenced by ancient and modern cultures alike, our jewelry collection is designed to be both elegant and bold. Luminarium Jewelry sits somewhere in between costume and fine jewelry, offering high-quality designs made for everyday wear. 
Three types of hardwoods were carefully selected for the newest collection: Cherry, African Padauk and Bolivian Rosewood. All of the earrings feature 14k gold filled ear wires which are well suited for sensitive ears, as well as gold-plated hardware and decorative components.


Each piece of Luminarium Jewelry starts out in the digital lab, going through multiple iterations to achieve that unique and simultaneously clean design.
Design concepts are lasercut in birch, to make sure the size, general shape and details are all coming through in a balanced and complimentary fashion.
Fine hardwoods are selected for each design, based on the color profile, grain and capacity to showcase fine details.
In the final stage, stylish gold-plated metal components are selected to add character, shine and a little weight. 


Beauty is abundant naturally throughout the universe and each of us have many unique, beautiful qualities. May this jewelry add to your beauty, power and grace!
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